You're Married, Now What?

So first things first, CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially married and that’s SO exciting! I still remember my wedding day like it was yesterday and it was amazing. But I also remembered thinking well what in the world do I do now and how do I go about legally changing my last name?

  1. First let’s forget about changing your last name for a minute and go on an incredible honeymoon with your new spouse! I recommend waiting to change your driver’s license and/or passport until you return. It will help with less confusion and stress for you and getting a new passport could take a few weeks to a month to receive or you can pay the extra fee to expedite it.

  2. Next, here we are.. you are back and now it’s time to get on with business. Let’s get your marriage license. It took me about 2 weeks to get mine, but pro tip.. if it’s in the system, you can actually go to your marriage license bureau and pick it up. And it’s only a few dollars per copy.

  3. Next you’ll need to update your social security card with your new last name! *Happy Dance*

  4. Once that’s completed you will need to take that with your current drivers license to update to your new one. Now all the paperwork you may need has changed recently, so I’d verify with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles before going in, so you aren’t taking multiple trips.

  5. Next it’s onto your bank accounts. I’ll be honest I just recently updated my last name at my bank and i’ve been married for 7 months now. Oops! But if you plan to get on a joint account or add your spouse to your current account it would be a good idea to go ahead and update this next.

Once you have your new drivers license and social security card everything else is pretty easy!

  1. Update your information with your employer. They will need your new SSN card and drivers license.

  2. Credit cards, Post Office, Utility bills, Schools, Insurance, doctor and dentist offices, voter registration, passport, CCW, landlord or mortgage company, and the list goes on.

But low and behold there is of course companies who will do all the switching over for you if you’d like to pay the money for it. One of the companies is called Hitch Switch. How clever right? Haha Myself personally I just did it all and I honestly still have quite a bit to do, but that’s also because I just haven’t found time to do it. But all in all it’s fairly easy. Some make it seem like it’s hard and a lot of work, but it’s truly not that bad.

I hope this helps! I know I needed this right after we got married. Again, CONGRATULATIONS! 

xo, Cassandra