The "Perfect" Sparkler Exit

Are you thinking about having a sparkler exit?! They really are my favorite! I love them so much that we did it at our wedding as well. I’m no expert sparkler exit guru, but from personal experience here are my top 5 tips to help make your sparkler exit more successful!

1. Invest in good sparklers! Do NOT get your traditional 4 of July sparklers. They will only burn for about 30 seconds and that’s definitely not enough time. Make sure you get the long burning sparklers that are 20 to 36 inch sparklers. These will burn for for a few mins which will be more than enough time!
2. Make sure you buy enough lighters. This is a BIG one. Have you tried to light 100+ guests sparklers with one lighter? Yeah it doesn’t work. It takes forever. I’d recommend 1 of the long lighters for every 10 guests.
3. Put someone in charge! I promise you will want this. Organizing a sparkler send off with all your guests can be a challenge. They will help hand the sparklers out, when to light them, line everyone up into their 2 rows, and let you know when to go. Also make sure this person coordinates with your photographer, so you get the best photos! ⠀⠀⠀

4. Make sure your venue allows sparkler send offs and if so ask them for a good location and make sure there aren’t any fire hazards such as overhanging branches, dead leaves, and etc.
5. Lastly.. KISS! These always make for the cutest pictures! It’s the end of the night and you’re running off into the night with your wife/husband. Everyone wants to see it and it makes for a killer photo! Make it a nice long kiss and don’t be afraid to do a little dip. Because you know you always see that kind of thing in the movie and it’s always adorable.

*Photo below was taken at OUR wedding by our amazing wedding photographer Chelsea Hall Photography.