Benefits of a Second Photographer


Today we are going to talk about having a second photographer on your big day. I’ve been asked numerous times lately if I think it’s beneficial and my short answer, absolutely!

  1. You will have more opportunities to have different moments captured. As a single photographer I can’t be in two places at once. For example most couples love having images of the bride getting ready with her best friends and also love having images of the groom and his guys getting ready. Although it is still possible to do this as a single photographer you will need to build more time into your day which means adding on an additional coverage or cutting out something else you want captured. With the second photographer we can be in two places at once. They will inevitablely capture different moments in the day that i’m unable to, simply because they are focused on other aspects of the day. The options are endless!

  2. It allows for more timeline flexibility. It’s very likely for things to run behind on a wedding day as there is so much going on. A second photographer can help save so much time. For example as I mentioned above the second photographer can capture the groom and groomsmen getting ready, while I am photographing the bride and the bridesmaids. Doing this makes sure we don’t have to take time away from other important things. Another example would be bridal party photos. While I am photographing the bride and bridesmaid the second photographer can be getting individuals of the groom and his groomsmen. And as we all may know having to wrangle together all the family members for family photos can be a challenge at times. Having the second photographer can make this part of the day easier and more time efficient.

  3. You will have more variety of the same moment. Do you plan on doing a first look or waiting until the aisle to see each other? Either way this is the one of the biggest reason why my couples choose a second photographer. Having the second photographer ensures I can focus on the brides’ reaction while my second photographer focus’ on the grooms’ reaction. The second photographer will also capture multiple angles that you wouldn’t get from the main photographer.

From my own experience as a recent bride having a second photographer on my own wedding day was easily one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. We were able to have so many moments captured and the most important one to me was having our reactions the first time seeing each other that day. I hope this helps make your decision easier on whether or not to include a second photographer for your special day.

*Photo taken above as a second photographer for Emma McMahan Photography - This is a perfect example on having more variety. Emma was standing directly in front of the couple and I was at a different angle, so we were able to capture this exact image at a different perspective.