Choosing Your Bridal Party

Picking your bridal party is at the top of your list for one of the most important choices to make for your wedding.

These usually tend to be close friends and siblings. But don’t let this decision be so overbearing! Think twice before you ask because once you’ve asked someone you can’t undo it and if you do it’s about to get real awkward. Remember to think about things such as, “Will I be close to this person in 5 years?” Next make sure you set honest expectations. Do you want them to attend all pre wedding parties, help address wedding invites, help you get ready day of, or are you okay with them just showing up the day of the wedding?

Here is a big one.. don’t ask someone just because they asked you. This is your wedding and your day. Don’t feel obligated to ask your old college roommate who you haven’t spoke to in a few years.

Be aware of the bridal party size. Now you can have as many bridesmaids and groomsmen you’d like, but take into consideration that means more details you’ll have to organize, more schedules to work around, and potentially more money you’ll have to spend due to wedding party gifts and etc.

Also remember kids are not always a must. You don’t have to have a flower girl or ring bearer or you can have 5 of each. You can even opt to have a grandmother, family member, or etc to be a flower girl or ring carrier. Remember this is YOUR wedding, so you can do things however you’d like.